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KTimeTrace is a graphical front end for timed or externally triggered analog input using Comedi. It requires that the comedi driver for your a/d card supports the 'command' interface. It does not support cards with resolutions greater than 16 bits. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License .


KTimeTrace is available as source code. David Schleef has also made a Debian package of KTimeTrace, which is available as part of the "Woody" distribution.

Screen shot


comedi (latest version recommended), and comedilib 0.7.16 or later.

kde libraries, version 2 or 3.



Frank Mori Hess , who would like to thank the National Science Foundation for its support up to May 2002 under NSF DMR 99-81869.

Send bug reports, suggestions, feature requests, etc. to the ktimetrace mailing list .

KTimeTrace is hosted by Source Forge .

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